The Flash S02E14 Talk

To start off this discussion of the episode  “Escape from Earth-2,” let me state my opinion on the rest of season 2. In comparison to season 1 of “The Flash” season 2 is coming a little short of the bar that was set. It has a villain with out the same presence, and supporting characters, such as Jay, who are not fleshed out or compelling. The plot has been crawling along and the urgency that was felt in the previous season seems to be absent. That being said, this show is still tons of fun. With some memorable “one-off” characters such as Tar-pit and Reverb, this season has expanded the scope of the show by a lot. We now have two earths, two flashes, and even the return of the villain that made season one great. Now to get back to the episode at hand.

Episode fourteen was the follow up to the widely popular and beloved introduction to earth-2. Seeing this alternate Central City helped to keep the show fresh, considering it had been slowing down lately. There were some great moments in this episode. Even though Zoom is nowhere close as well rounded as the Reverse Flash, he still steals every single scene that he is in. The opening of the show displayed how powerful and in control he is on this earth. The final scene also exhibits his power and ferocity. The episode as a whole was not the strongest, but still managed to be fun.


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