Haiku from 4/7/2018

Through the looking glass
One sees the pale reflection
Of the black mirror

The medication
It made me numb all the time
I had such high hopes

You don’t talk to me
Like the way you did back then
It’s like your fading

If we could go back
How much of it would we change
Not knowing the cost

Alone forever
Now I think that would be nice
Me, myself, and I







Haiku from 4/1/2018

Illusions fading
But now the clarity burns
Shroud my sight again

Paranoid feelings
Started to take deeper roots
Waiting in my mind


And I felt it break
The weight resting in my soul

Feigning Ignorance

Without hesitation he walked away
Continuing on with his day
Acting as if he had not just seen,
An act of nature so obscene .

Those who saw the heinous act
Stared in awe as he turned his back.
But was it because he did not care?
Was there a reason he did not stare?

As others watched, he pressed on through.
He knew that he had things to do.
As they watched, and has he left
The scene continued to be grotesque.

Feigning ignorance
Was his deliverance.

Get Over It

Easier said than done

Considering how far we’ve come.

You snuck up from behind

And swept me off my feet.

Now nightly in my mind

I rewind

to when things between us weren’t so bleak.

When you would see my face and smile

While I did just the same.

The joy I felt hearing your name

has turned into regret and pain.

And I bet,

that weeks from now,

maybe even months,

or years

I’ll remember your face

and be brought to tears.


If someone told me I could forget it all,

Without hesitation, I would heed their call.

Rather than crash into the looming wall

of misery and pain that plaques me

when thoughts of you enter my brain.

Your love left a stain darling

when you flew off like a starling.